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May 20

Polynesia: Return flights from Italy to exotic Vanuatu from €742 / £559!

Polynesia: Return flights from Italy to exotic Vanuatu from €742 / £559!Similar offer as the one from Italy to Australia based on Virgin Australia / Etihad Airways we posted earlier today are very cheap return flights from Italy (Milan) to Vanuatu, exotic tropical island in remote Polynesia. If you are looking for relatively cheap but definitely extraordinary destination this is an amazing solution for most of travelers in Europe. Return flights from Italy to Port Vila are now available already for €742 or £559!



We have managed to find the cheapest flights in very limited quantity and travel options mainly in first quarter of 2016. Look for return flights from Italy in February and March 2016. If you want to book your hotel in Vanuatu in advance you may check some affordable accommodation via booking agents such as Hotelopia. They are now also offering 6% promotional code for additional discount off hotel rooms. More details to be found here.


Booking samples

IT  –  Milan – Vanuatu for €742

DE  –  Milan – Vanuatu for €770

NL  –  Milan – Vanuatu for €758  (+€22 booking fee)

EN  –  Milan – Vanuatu for £559


see also similar deal with Etihad Airways/Virgin Australia to Perth, Sydney, Melbourne already for €542/£405


Travel date samples

4. – 15.2.2016

4. – 20.2.

11. – 22.2.

20. – 29.2

20.2. – 7.3.


The easiest way to check your connection possibilities is through Skyscanner. This tool gives you quickly a rough idea which low-cost airlines are connecting your home town.


Booking sample to Polynesia. Cheap return flights from Italy to exotic Vanuatu for €742 below. In this case you would be departing from Milan to Port Vila on 4th of February. Your return flight from this paradise in Polynesia back to Italy would be then on 15th of February 2015.

Polynesia: Return flights from Italy to exotic Vanuatu from €742 / £559!