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Full-service flights from Vienna to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for €321! (+ deals to Penang / Langkawi / Borneo from €418)

Cheap return flights from Switzerland or Vienna to Alaska from €297!

Cheap full-service flights from Vienna to Johannesburg, South Africa for €342 return!

Cheap return flights from Brussels or Vienna to Mexico City for €331!

Full-service SkyTeam flights from Frankfurt, Germany to Zanzibar for €386!

Etihad flights from Switzerland to Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney) from just €535!

Return flights from Germany to Cayenne, French Guiana for €512!

Return flights from Switzerland to Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands from €293!

Cheap flights from Italy to Lima, Peru from €399 return!

Etihad flights from Amsterdam to Singapore for €387!

Return flights from Amsterdam to French Guiana for €519…

Return flights from Spain to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for €368!

Cheap return flights from Spain to New Delhi, India for €323!

Return flights from Switzerland to Vancouver with British Airways for €317!

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