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Aer Lingus sale: Non-stop flights from Ireland to North America from €277!

Flights to Tokyo from Italy from just a cheap €367 return!

Etihad flights from Zurich to Manila, Philippines from €450!

Cheap return flights from the UK to Rio de Janeiro from £344!

Full-service flights from Amsterdam to the Philippines (Manila, Cebu) from €403!

Return flights from Germany to New Delhi, India from €366! (+ Lufthansa non-stop flights from €415!)

EVEN CHEAPER! Full-service Air France flights from Italy to Antananarivo, Madagascar from €425!

Cheap return flights from the UK to Mumbai, India with Air France-KLM from £337!

Lufthansa group airlines flights to Bangkok, Thailand from France from €332!

Etihad flights from London to Indonesia (Jakarta) from £397 return!

CRAZY! Super cheap flights from Amsterdam to Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands from just €228 return!

Cheap flights from Prague to Bangkok, Thailand from €361!

Cheap KLM non-stop flights from Amsterdam to Salt Lake City from €297 return!

Air France non-stop flights from Paris to Seattle from €323!

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