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Cheap full-service flights to coastal Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, for €351 from Paris!

Cheap flights from Germany to Cape Verde from €175!

Charter flights from Germany to Banjul, Gambia from €160!

Cheap direct flights from Milan to Accra, Ghana from €256!

Cheap flights from Milan to Lagos, Nigeria from €222!

Brussels Airlines promotion: one-way flights to Europe from €29!

Cheap last-minute flights from Germany (Frankfurt) to exotic Mauritius €221!

Cheap flights from Belgrade to the Seychelles from €469!

Business Class flights from Budapest or Spain to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from €1147!

Cheap return flights to Morocco from €20 or £19!

Low-cost multi-city break from the UK to Portugal and Angola from only £248!

Return flights to Johannesburg from Switzerland, Austria or Germany from €329!

Fly to Johannesburg from a super cheap €315 from Ireland!

Return flights from Manchester to Mozambique, Zambia, Seychelles or South Africa from £357!

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