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Kiwi.com promotion code – €10 discount on all flights!

Return flights from main airports in the UK to Cameroon (Yaoundé, Douala) from £359!

Full-service Etihad flights from France to Johannesburg from €384!

Emirates UK promotion code 2022 – 10% discount all flights!

Return flights from London to Lagos, Nigeria for £336 incl. 2x23kg bags!

TAP Portugal non-stop flights from Lisbon to Guinea-Bissau from €289!

Cheap return flights from the UK to Cape Verde (+ Lisbon) for £160!

Full-service SWISS flights from Paris, France to tropical Seychelles for €465!

Full-service Brussels Airlines non-stop flights from Brussels to Abidjan, Ivory Coast for €377!

Return flights from many European cities to remote Sao Tome & Principe for £332 or €439!

Return flights from France to Dakar, Senegal just for €262!

Return Brussels Airlines flights from Germany to Rwanda or Uganda from €344!

*FIRST MINUTE* Cheap direct flights from Brussels to Mombasa, Kenya for €399!

Full-service return flights from Brussels to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for €365!

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