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Return Lufthansa Group airlines flights from Spain to Mauritius from €440!

Cheap full-service flights from Italy to Burkina Faso from €366 return!

Full-service return flights from London Gatwick to Accra, Ghana for £337!

Full-service flights from many cities in France to Nairobi, Kenya from €387 return!

Bargains to Tanzania from France! Fly to Dar es Salaam or tropical Zanzibar from €415!

Fly from Madrid to India (Lucknow, Hyderabad) for a cheap €392, including 23kg luggage!

Return flights from Amsterdam to Khartoum, Sudan for €381!

Return flights from London to Lagos, Nigeria for £336 incl. 2x23kg bags!

Full-service flights from Switzerland to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur with 4* Etihad from €418!

Full-service flights from Rome, Italy to Moroni, Comoros for €466!

Full-service Etihad flights from Paris, France to Seychelles for €498!

5* Singapore Airlines non-stop flights Frankfurt to New York €387!

Full-service return flights from Italy to Colombo, Sri Lanka for €472!

Full-service Etihad flights from Amsterdam to Phuket, Thailand from €433!

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