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Return flights from Europe to Seychelles from €448! (Fly from Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Prague, Vienna, Brussels)

Cheap flights from Germany to Cape Verde from €175!

Charter flights from Germany to Banjul, Gambia from €160!

Cheap flights from Belgrade to the Seychelles from €469!

Cheap non-stop flights from Milan to the Maldives from €299!

Full-service flights from main airports in Germany to Cancun, Mexico from €320!

Cheap return flights from Geneva to Mauritius from €453!

Return flights from London to exotic Solomon Islands from £702 (€776)!

Return flights from the UK to exotic Vanuatu from £696 (€769)!

Star Alliance cheap return flights from France to Cancun, Mexico from €332!

Star Alliance: Fly from Paris to Cancun or Mexico City from €338 return!

Cheap flights from Sofia or Varna to Mahé, Seychelles from €460!

High season flights from Zurich to Ko Samui from €492!

High season full service flights from Germany to Mombasa, Kenya from €363!

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