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Fly to Israel from across Europe from just €19 or £34 return!

Cheap flights from European cities to New Delhi, India from €288 or £295! (Aug-Dec 2020)

Cheap flights from Bucharest to New York from €265 return!

Brussels bonanza! 27 European cities for €20 and under round trip!

Return flights from Bucharest to Langkawi, Malaysia from €444! (Qatar Airways high season deal)

5* ANA / Lufthansa flights from Europe to Japan from €425 return!

Pittsburgh Mega-post! Fly to the USA with British Airways from ALL OVER Europe from €215!

Return flights from many European cities to Hong Kong from €349!

Return flights from Bucharest or Prague to Paraguay or Uruguay from €434!

Cheap flights from Bucharest to Panama City already for €363!

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