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Cheap return flights from Milan to the Canary Islands from just €20! (Aug to Dec 2020)

Cheap flights between the UK and Poland from £16/€18 return! (Sep 20 – Nov 20)

Cheap return flights from Prague to Larnaca, Cyprus for €20! (Aug to Dec 2020)

Cheap return flights from Budapest to Abu Dhabi, UAE from €20! (July-August 2020)

*SUMMER HOLIDAYS* Return flights between London and Vienna for under £19! (Jul 20 to Mar 21)

Cheap flights from London to Whitehorse or Yellowknife, remote places in Canada, from £384 return! (Sep-Oct 2020)

Non-stop flights from Paris Orly to Montreal from €216 return!

Easyjet sale! Flights from Amsterdam across Europe from €42 return!

Fly from London to cities in Norway from just £17 return!

Grab a direct to Denver bargain! Fly *non-stop* from Paris, Rome or London from €300 return!

Flights between London and Prague from just £17/€24 return!

Fly from Memmingen, Germany to Gyumri, Armenia from just €26 return!

Fly from various European cities to Tirana, Albania from just £17.98 / €19.98 return!

Cheap flights from London to multiple destinations in Portugal from £18 return!

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