Tag: cheap flights to Japan

Flights from Budapest to Tokyo, Japan with 2x23kg baggage included for €449 return!

Full-service return flights from Switzerland to Tokyo, Japan for €456!

Full-service flights from Barcelona, Spain to Tokyo, Japan for €491.

Etihad full-service flights from Italy to Tokyo from €514 return.

Air France-KLM flights from Oslo or Stockholm to Tokyo, Japan from €374!

Return flights from Budapest to Japan (Tokyo, Osaka) from €398!

Full-service return flights from Brussels to Tokyo, Japan for €424.

Full-service Etihad flights from France to Tokyo, Japan for €365!

Flights to Tokyo from Italy from just a cheap €375 return!

Cheap return flights from Prague to Tokyo, Japan for €319!

Full-service cheap flights to Tokyo from Spain for €390! Barcelona and Madrid departures!

Full-service return flights from Amsterdam to Tokyo, Japan with Etihad for €388!

Air France-KLM cheap flights from Spain to Tokyo for just €332 return!

Cheap full-service flights from Oslo to Tokyo, Japan with Turkish Airlines for €355!

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