Tag: cheap flights to Japan

Return flights from £396 return to many destinations in Japan from London! (Incl. 2x23kg bags)

Business Class flights to Tokyo, Japan from Spain for €1467! (flat bed seats)

Air France-KLM flights to Tokyo, Japan from Switzerland from €516!

Flights from Rome to South Korea or Japan with 2x23kg baggage included from €438 return!

Flights to Japan (Okinawa, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka) from Frankfurt with 2x23kg baggage included for €528 return!

Full-service flights to Osaka, Japan from Madrid with Etihad for €525!

Cheap flights to Tokyo, Japan from Brussels or Spain with LOT from €519!

Business Class flights to Tokyo, Japan from Budapest for €1373! (Economy for €517)

Return flights from Amsterdam or Brussels to Seoul or Tokyo from €472!

Full-service return flights from Dublin to Osaka, Japan for €575.

JUNE flights from Brussels to Tokyo, Japan for €472!

Full-service return flights from Switzerland to Tokyo, Japan for €456!

Etihad full-service flights from Italy to Tokyo from €514 return.

Air France-KLM flights from Oslo or Stockholm to Tokyo, Japan from €374!

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