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Lufthansa flights from the UK to Nairobi, Kenya from £325 return!

Full-service flights from many cities in France to Nairobi, Kenya from €387 return!

Return flights from Italy to Nairobi from €364 or Mombasa from €417!

Full service non-stop flights from London to Nairobi, Kenya for £379!

Cheap flights from Oslo to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa or Tanzania from €260!

Full-service return flights from many UK cities to Nairobi, Kenya from £305!

Full-service flights from Vienna to Mombasa in Kenya for €381!

Full-service flights from London to Mombasa, Kenya for £369!

Qatar Airways flights from Italy to Mombasa, beachside in Kenya, from €386 return!

Full-service non-stop flights from Paris to Nairobi, Kenya from €403!

Full-service cheap flights from Oslo to Nairobi, Kenya & Entebbe, Uganda from €340rtn! (Sep 20 to Mar 21)

Full-service Lufthansa/Swiss flights from Luxembourg to Ethiopia, Kenya or Tanzania from €344! (Jul 20 – Feb 21)

Qatar Airways ECONOMY/BUSINESS promotion from Norway to Asia or Africa from €322/€1115, Australia/New Zealand from €580/€1768! (August 2020 to March 2021)

Return flights from (Eastern) Europe to Nairobi, Kenya from €367! (Qatar Airways or SkyTeam)

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