Tag: Cheap flights to Nepal

Return flights from France to Kathmandu, Nepal from €461 incl. 30kg bag!

Cheap return flights from Bulgaria to Nepal from €404 return!

Full-service flights from Vienna to Kathmandu, Nepal for €462 roundtrip!

5* Qatar Airways flights from Sofia to Kathmandu, Nepal from €451!

Qatar Airways flights from Paris to Kathmandu, Nepal for €401!

Etihad flights from London or Manchester to Kathmandu, Nepal for £388 return!

Return flights from Prague to Kathmandu, Nepal from €431!

Return flights from main airports in Italy to Kathmandu, Nepal from €406!

Cheap return flights from Amsterdam to Nepal from €391 return!

Qatar Airways flights from Amsterdam to Nepal from €432 return! (late Nov 20 to May 21)

Return flights from Amsterdam to Nepal from €433 on board of 4* Etihad!

Etihad flights from Zurich to Kathmandu, Nepal from €454!

Fly in high season to Kathmandu from Paris from €379 or Frankfurt €408!

Multi-city flights from London to Nepal + Istanbul from £336!

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