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British Airways flights from Germany to Vancouver from €368 return!

Non-stop KLM flights from Amsterdam to Vancouver, Edmonton or Calgary from €508!

Cheap flights from Amsterdam to Vancouver from €358!

Fly non-stop to Canada from Switzerland from €395 return!

Fly to Vancouver for just £305 return from London!

Non-stop Air France flights from Paris to Vancouver for €360!

Return flights from Germany to Canada (Toronto) from €241!

Non-stop British Airways flights from London to Vancouver just for £305!

Return flights from the UK to Vancouver, Canada from just £248!

Cheap Air France KLM flights from Ireland to Vancouver from €288 return!

First-minute flights from Amsterdam to Vancouver or Calgary for €335!

Visit Vancouver from €288 return with cheap flights from Switzerland, Brussels, Lux and Austria!

5* Lufthansa flights from Prague or Budapest to Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg) from €238! (Sep 20 to May 21)

Return flights from Italy to Canada (Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg) from €329!

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