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WOW! Cheap flights from Prague or Budapest to Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto )from just €271 return incl. Summer Holidays 2021!

Fly non-stop from Paris to Vancouver from just €279 return (€266 with one stop)! (June to July 2021)

Cheap flights from Dublin to Vancouver, Edmonton or Calgary from €262 return! (Nov 20 to Mar 21)

Cheap flights (full-service deal) from Stockholm to Vancouver for €238! (Sep 20 to May 21)

CRAZY! Super cheap FULL-SERVICE flights from Denmark to Vancouver for €217 return! (Sep 20 to May 21)

Cheap non-stop flights from Dublin to Vancouver, Canada from €301! (Aug-Oct 2020)

Cheap flights from Stockholm to Canada (Montreal, Toronto) from just €161 return!

Fly from the UK to Vancouver *non-stop* from just £334 return!

Fly to Canada from Switzerland from only €308 return! Fly from Zurich or Basel!

*Non-stop* flights from Dublin to Canada from just €294! Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver!

Cheap flights from Amsterdam to Vancouver from €332 with Reykjavik stopover possible!

Cheap return flights to Vancouver from €279 from France, Germany or Switzerland!

Super cheap return flights from Switzerland to Canada from €177!

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