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Non-stop Alitalia flights from Milan to Tokyo, Japan from €414 incl. 2x23kg bags!

Full-service non-stop flights from main airports in Italy to Tunis, Tunisia from €137!

Cheap non-stop flights from Lisbon to New York for just €226 return! (Sep to Oct 20 or Mar to Jun 21)

High-season Business Class flights from Paris to Martinique or Guadeloupe for €897!

Air France-non-stop flights from Paris to New York from €241 return! (Oct 20 to Jun 21)

Fly non-stop from Paris to Vancouver from just €279 return (€266 with one stop)! (June to July 2021)

Cheap flights to Jordan from across Europe! Aqaba winter sun from €32 return! (Oct 20 to March 21)

KLM non-stop flights from Amsterdam to Calgary from €387! (+ deal to Vancouver, Sep to Oct 20 or Apr to Jun 21)

Until July 2021! Cheap low-cost flights from Dortmund to Marrakesh, Morocco for €19! (Nov 20 to Jul 21)

Cheap flights from France to Chisinau, Moldova from €19! (Aug to Nov 20)

Cheap return flights from Milan to the Canary Islands from just €20! (Aug to Dec 2020)

Cheap flights between the UK and Poland from £16/€18 return! (Sep 20 – Nov 20)

Cheap return flights from Prague to Larnaca, Cyprus for €20! (Aug to Dec 2020)

Non-stop United flights from Dublin to San Francisco for just €302! (late Aug 20 to Jun 21)

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