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*FIRST MINUTE* Lufthansa Group flights from Denmark to Shanghai, China for €387!

Full-service flights from Copenhagen to Greenland for €397!

Return flights from Copenhagen to Johannesburg, South Africa for €360!

Non-stop return flight from Copenhagen, Denmark to New York for €275!

First-minute Lufthansa flights from Denmark to Mombasa, Kenya for €422!

Star Alliance flights from Sweden or Norway to Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands from €323!

Return flights from Copenhagen to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo for €405!

Lufthansa Group flights from Denmark to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for €345!

Return flights from Helsinki, Copenhagen to Stockholm to Sharjah, the UAE from €259!

*SUMMER HOLIDAYS* Oneworld flights from Scandinavia to Seattle from €324 return!

Return flights from Europe to the Indonesian side of New Guinea from £699 or €748!

SAS Scandinavian Airlines promotion: Cheap (non-stop) flights from Scandinavia to New York, Miami, Chicago, Boston or Washington from €264!

Low-cost return flights from Copenhagen to the USA (New York, Boston or Baltimore/Washington) from €203!

Return KLM flights from Helsinki to Cape Town, South Africa for €375!

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