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Cheap non-stop flights from Helsinki to Shanghai, China from €367!

Cheap non-stop flights from Helsinki to Chengdu, China from €338!

Cheap flights from European cities to Shanghai, China from €345!

Pittsburgh Mega-post! Fly to the USA with British Airways from ALL OVER Europe from €215!

Fly to Hong Kong from all over Europe from just €273! From £348 from across the UK!

Return flights from Helsinki, Spain or UK to Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands from €243 / £329!

Cheap flights from Scandinavia to tropical Bali, Indonesia from €399!

Cheap flights from many European cities to Johannesburg from €363!

Finnair promotion: Non-stop flights from Helsinki to Bangkok, Singapore, China or India from €463!

Return flights to Sao Paulo from Helsinki €435 or Stockholm €465!

Qatar Airways: Return flights from Scandinavia to Bali from €398!

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