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Return flights from Frankfurt, Germany to New Delhi, India for €334!

Full-service Air France flights from Austria to Madagascar from €715 return!

Non-stop flights from Brussels to New York from €350!

Full-service deal from Dublin to Moroni, Comoros for €509!

Air France return flights from the UK to Madagascar from £463!

Air France-KLM flights from Italy to Nairobi, Kenya from €361 return!

Cheap return flights from Italy to Johannesburg, South Africa from €367!

Full-service return flights from Vienna to Moroni, Comoros for €491! (+ deal from Germany from €526)

Cheap Air France flights from Italy to Cuba from €354!

Cheap non-stop flights from Amsterdam to Iceland for €117 return!

Air France-KLM flights from Switzerland to Salt Lake City for €403 return!

Full-service Air France-KLM flights from Budapest to Nairobi, Kenya for €390!

Full-service KLM flights from Helsinki to Uganda or Rwanda from €396!

Return KLM flights from Helsinki to Cape Town, South Africa for €375!

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