Tag: LOT Polish Airlines promotion

Return flights from Budapest or Prague to New Delhi or Mumbai, India from €420!

Return flights from Paris to Seoul, South Korea from €424!

Return flights from Amsterdam to Beijing, China for €468!

JUNE flights from Brussels to Tokyo, Japan for €472!

Non-stop flights from Budapest to Seoul, South Korea from €513! (Business Class for €1505)

Return flights from Scandinavia (Stockholm, Oslo) to New Delhi, India for €305!

Return flights from Luxembourg to Seoul, South Korea for €363!

Fly to beautiful Sri Lanka from selected cities in Europe from €402!

Full-service flights from Dublin to Singapore from €404!

Return flights from European cities to Beijing, China from €316!

Return flights from many European cities to Tokyo from €369 or £392!

Full-service flights from Milan to Tokyo, Japan for €369!

Multi-city flights from London to Warsaw, Poland & New Delhi, India from £307! (Oct 20 to Jun 21)

Cheap flights from Amsterdam to Seoul, South Korea from just €332! (Sep 20 to Mar 21)

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