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Cheap flights from all across the UK to Malta from £16 return!

Cheap flights from Germany to Prishtina, Kosovo from €20!

Low-cost flights from Budapest to Kutaisi, Georgia for €20!

Last-minute flights from Brussels Charleroi to the Canary islands from €35!

Low-cost flights from Frankfurt, Germany to the Canary Islands from €12!

Return flights from London to Sardinia (Alghero, Cagliari) from just £20!

Fly from London to Karachi, Pakistan for a low £338 return with these cheap flights! (Sep – Oct 20)

Low-cost flights from European cities to Kutaisi, Georgia from €20!

Non-stop flights from the UK to Madeira with easyJet from £47 return! (Oct 20 to Mar 21)

Cheap flights between the UK and Budapest from just £17.98 return! (Aug to Nov 2020)

Cheap flights to Jordan from across Europe! Aqaba winter sun from €32 return! (Oct 20 to March 21)

Until July 2021! Cheap low-cost flights from Dortmund to Marrakesh, Morocco for €19! (Nov 20 to Jul 21)

Cheap flights from France to Chisinau, Moldova from €19! (Aug to Nov 20)

Cheap return flights from Milan to the Canary Islands from just €20! (Aug to Dec 2020)

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