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Full-service Swiss/Singapore Airlines flights from the UK to Bali from £461!

Cheap non-stop flights from Paris to Saint Martin for €375 return!

Air France flights from Germany to Martinique or Guadeloupe from €393 return!

Fly from Frankfurt, Germany to tropical Turks & Caicos from €383 roundtrip!

Cheap return flights from Brussels to Cape Town, South Africa for €359!

Air France-KLM return flights from Budapest to Mexico City or Cancún from €388!

Air France-KLM cheap flights from France to Singapore from €348!

5* Qatar Airways high-season flights from Rome, Italy to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for €368!

Cheap flights from Paris to Zanzibar from €364 roundtrip!

Emirates flights from Belgrade to Phuket, Thailand from €452 roundtrip!

Cheap flights from the UK to Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands from £303 roundtrip!

5* Qatar Airways flights from Spain to Langkawi or Penang, Malaysia from €466!

Multi-city flights from London to Singapore & Rome for £334!

Multi-city flights from London to Bangkok & Rome for £353!

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