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Cheap Qatar Airways flights from Russia to many destinations in Asia or Africa from €294 return! (Oct 20 to Apr 21)

Qatar Airways cheap flights from Belgrade to Bali from €450 or Australia €641! (Nov 20 or Jan to May 21)

Full-service flights from Frankfurt to the Philippines, Maldives or Sri Lanka from €459! (Sep to Nov 2020)

4* Etihad flights from Belgrade to Asia, Africa or Australia from €343! (Sep-Dec 2020)

Cheap flights from many cities in Italy to the Maldives on board of Air France from €436! (Oct 20 – Mar 21)

Qatar Airways flights from Balkans to Asia or Africa from €315, Australia/New Zealand from €611! (Sep 20 to Feb 21)

Qatar Airways promo sale from Italy: Big list of discounted flights to Asia, Africa or Australia from €344!

Cheap Emirates return flights from Sofia to the Maldives for €423!

Qatar Airways Business Class flights from Italy to the Maldives from €1524

Return flights from Spain to the Maldives from €398!

Cheap non-stop flights from Milan to the Maldives from €299!

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