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Oneworld flights from Scandinavia to Seattle from €318 return!

Non-stop low-cost flights from Oslo to New York for €208, Florida for €248 or Los Angeles for €325!

*FIRST MINUTE* Lufthansa/Eurowings return flights from Oslo or Helsinki to Namibia for €432!

Star Alliance flights from Sweden or Norway to Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands from €323!

*SUMMER HOLIDAYS* Fly from Oslo to Svalbard for only €112 return!

Return BA flights from Oslo to California, Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland or Phoenix from €304!

Lufthansa Group flights from Denmark to Mauritius for €411 return!

Return KLM flights from Helsinki to Cape Town, South Africa for €375!

Emirates promo code get a 10% discount on selected flights!

Return flights from Scandinavia to Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands from €308!

Fly non-stop from Oslo to New York from €276 with SAS!

Cheap non-stop flights from Bergen, Norway to the Faroe Islands from €142!

Return flights from Scandinavia (Stockholm, Oslo) to New Delhi, India for €305!

Air France-KLM flights from Oslo, Norway to Nairobi, Kenya for €377!

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