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Low-cost flights from Athens to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi) for €279!

Qatar Airways flights from Berlin to Penang, Malaysia from €434!

5* Qatar Airways flights from Spain to Langkawi or Penang, Malaysia from €466!

Qatar Airways cheap flights from Belgrade to Bali from €450 or Australia €641! (Nov 20 or Jan to May 21)

Qatar Airways flights from Balkans to Asia or Africa from €315, Australia/New Zealand from €611! (Sep 20 to Feb 21)

Even more cheap South-East Asia flights from Vienna! Options from €337 or Australia and New Zealand from €644 with 2x bags

Qatar Airways Business Class flights to Penang from Belgrade from €1192!

5* Singapore Airlines flights from the UK to Penang, Malaysia from £383!

Return flights from London to cities in South East Asia from £294 or Australia from £385!

5* Qatar Airways flights from Budapest to Penang, Malaysia from €420!

Lufthansa flights from Switzerland to Penang, Malaysia in high season from €352!

High season flights from Brussels to Penang, Malaysia from €419! (Lufthansa / Swiss)

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