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Full-service flights from London to Singapore for £304!

Full-service return flights from Italy to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for €397!

Return flights from Italy to Havana, Cuba from €360!

Air France-KLM return flights from Frankfurt, Germany to Singapore from €331!

Non-stop full-service flights from Paris to Bangkok for €433 or Phuket for €476!

Full-service Turkish Airlines flights from France to Kuala Lumpur from €374!

Cheap full-service flights from main airports in France to Bali, Java or Sumatra from €411!

High-season Finnair flights from selected European cities to Bangkok from €310!

5* Singapore Airlines flights from London to Thailand (Bangkok) for £376!

Return Air France-KLM flights from Luxembourg to Bangkok, Thailand for €395…

High-season non-stop and full-service flights from Brussels to Bangkok for €405!

Qatar Airways return flights from Amsterdam to Phuket, Thailand for €419!

Star Alliance (Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines) flights to Bali or Sumatra from Italy from €467!

Return flights from London to Bangkok for £331 or Phuket for £370!

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