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CRAZY! Super cheap flights from Spain to Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands from €240 return!

Cheap return flights from Spain to Hawaii with Star Alliance from €431!

Full-service cheap flights from Brussels to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan for only €296 return!

Full-service flights from Geneva, Switzerland to Mauritius from €462!

Cheap Christmas 2020 and Summer 2021 flights from Amsterdam to Alaska from €451rtn!

Non-stop flights London to Canada inc. Newfoundland and Nova Scotia from £337 rtn!

Full-service flights from Dublin to Singapore from €397!

5* Lufthansa / ANA flights from Spain to Sydney, Australia from €659!

Full-service Lufthansa/Air Canada flights from Italy to Costa Rica from €360 return!

HOT! Cheap flights from Amsterdam to Hawaii from €334 return!

Cheap return flights from Bucharest to Canada (Toronto, Montreal) from €267!

Return flights from Italy to El Salvador in Central America from €352!

Return flights from Sweden to India (New Delhi, Mumbai) with Swiss/Lufthansa from €336!

5* Lufthansa cheap flights from France to Hong Kong from just €324!

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