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5* Singapore Airlines flights Zurich to Lombok €410 or Borneo €467!

Cheap flights from Spain to Tokyo from €401 roundtrip!

Return flights from Switzerland to Cambodia in main season from €376!

Cheap non-stop flights from London to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia £306!

Return flights from Amsterdam to Edmonton, Canada from €349!

Lufthansa flights from Switzerland to Penang, Malaysia in high season from €352!

High season flights from Brussels to Penang, Malaysia from €419! (Lufthansa / Swiss)

Return flights from Spain to tropical Zanzibar from €370!

Cheap flights from Paris to Manila, Philippines from €376!

Return flights from Vienna, Austria to Bogota, Colombia from €416!

Cheap return flights from Europe to Lomé, Togo from £304 or €306!

Cheap flights from Belgrade to Hawaii already for €369 roundtrip!

Return flights from main airports in Spain to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil from €373!

Cheap flights from Dublin to Africa (Senegal, Cape Verde, Ghana, Togo, Mozambique) from €232!

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