Lufthansa/Swiss return flights from Scandinavia to India (New Delhi, Mumbai) from €363!

Lufthansa Group flights from Oslo to Beijing for €388!

Brussels Airlines flights from the UK to Nairobi, Kenya from £362 return! (or fly in Business Class from £1494)

*FIRST MINUTE* Lufthansa Group airlines flights from Dublin to Bangkok, Thailand for €450!

Fly non-stop to Canada from Switzerland from €395 return!

Cheap last-minute flights from Zurich to the Maldives for €403 return!

Full-service flights from the main airports in France to Bali, Indonesia from €494!

Full-service Lufthansa/Swiss flights from Amsterdam to Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Bali) from €476!

Non-stop SWISS return flights from Zurich to San Francisco for €511.

Lufthansa Group flights from Denmark to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for €314!

Cheap Swiss flights from Amsterdam to Rio de Janerio, Brazil for €510! (Incl. Summer Holidays 2024)

Return Swiss flights from Dublin to Johannesburg, South Africa for €389!

*FIRST MINUTE* Lufthansa/Eurowings return flights from Brussels to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for €442!

Full-service flights from Switzerland to Guayaquil, Ecuador for €472! (Long layovers in New York)

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