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Lufthansa flights from France to India India (Hyderabad) from €377!

Air France promo code – €90 discount on flights from France!

Iberia flights from main airports in France to Lima, Peru for €534!

Non-stop Air France flights from Paris to Johannesburg for €521!

Lufthansa Group airlines flights to Bangkok, Thailand from France from €427!

*FIRST MINUTE* Swiss/Lufthansa flights from France to Hong Kong for €368!

Air France-KLM flights from main airports in France to Hong Kong from €409!

Full-service flights from France to Ivory Coast with Brussels Airlines for €308!

Cheap flights from Europe to Conakry, Guinea for €239 or £314 roundtrip!

Non-stop return flights from French cities to Corsica for €16!

Cheap (non-stop) return flights from Paris to Florida (Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Key West) from €305!

Full-service flights from many cities in France to Nairobi, Kenya from €387 return!

Bargains to Tanzania from France! Fly to Dar es Salaam or tropical Zanzibar from €415!

Air France flights from French cities to Sao Paulo, Brazil for €389!

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