Tag: Wizzair flight deals

Cheap flights between London and many cities in Romania from £18 return!

Non-stop flights from London Gatwick to Morocco (Marrakesh, Agadir) for £18 return!

Low-cost flights from Katowice,Poland to Kutaisi, Georgia for €30!

Non-stop return flights from London to Amman, Jordan for £36!

SUMMER HOLIDAYS flights from Italy to Greece (Corfu, Santorini, Zakynthos, Skiathos, Crete) from €30!

Cheap return flights from Eindhoven, the Netherlands to Bosnia & Herzegovina (Tuzla) for €20!

Non-stop Wizzair flights from Vienna to Abu Dhabi, UAE for €62!

Non-stop return flights from London to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt for £34!

Low-cost flights from Brussels Charleroi to many cities in Romania from €20!

Non-stop flights from Italy to Iceland from €30!

Cheap flights between Brussels, Belgium and Ljubljana, Slovenia for €19.18!

Cheap return flights from Vienna to Sicily (Catania) from €30!

Cheap flights from Rome, Italy to Menorca, Mallorca or Ibiza from €20!

Cheap flights from Brussels to Tirana, Albania for €29.98 return!

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