5* Qatar Airways flights from Berlin, Germany to Australia from €980.


5* Qatar Airways are offering affordable full-service flights from Germany to Australia! Discounted return flights from Berlin to Perth or Melbourne are available for €980. This is for a roundtrip incl. taxes, meals, handbags,s and max. 30kg checked-in baggage allowance. Flights are available also during the local summer season which is the perfect time to visit Australia. Considering that there is just one short layover on the way in Doha and the top-ranked onboard service of Qatar Airways this is an excellent value for your money deal.


Flying from: Berlin

Flying to: Perth, Melbourne

Airline(s): Qatar Airways

Luggage: up to 25kg of checked luggage

Outbound travel dates: late October and November 2023 or February and March 2024

Max stay: 2 months

Book by: 31st of March


Booking samples

Germany to Australia for €1072  (direct booking with Qatar Airways)

Berlin to Perth from €980

Berlin to Melbourne from €1073


Booking sample of 5* Qatar Airways flights from Germany to Australia from €980! Outbound from Berlin to Perth on the 12th of November. Inbound from Australia back to Germany via Doha, Qatar on the 27th of November 2023. Looking for great value flights rather than the cheapest option which usually requires uncomfortable and long layovers this is an amazing Qatar Airways promotion to Australia!

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