Qatar Airways full-service deal from Germany to the Maldives for €541!

Qatar Airways full-service deal from Germany to the Maldives for €576.


There is a good deal from main airports in Germany to the tropical Maldives available with 5* Qatar Airways this time you may consider booking fairly priced return flights from Munich, Dusseldorf, or Frankfurt to Malé, Maldives. Explore this tropical holiday destination and book discounted return flights available for €541! This, of course, includes taxes, meals, handbags,s and checked luggage up to 25kg. There is a layover in Doha, Qatar on the way. You can easily compare all the cheapest travel dates at the website of Qatar Airways. Please refer to our below booking samples if interested in this deal.


Flying from: Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt

Flying to: Malé

Airline(s): Qatar Airways

Luggage: up to 25kg of checked luggage

Outbound travel dates: May and June or the end of August 2023 to March 2024 (excl. Christmas)

Max stay: 2 months

Book by: 31st of May


Booking samples

Germany to the Maldives for €584  (direct booking with Qatar Airways using this promo code)

Dusseldorf to the Maldives for €541

Frankfurt to the Maldives for €558

Munich to the Maldives for €583

Vienna to the Maldives for €548


Booking sample of cheap Qatar Airways flights from Germany to the Maldives for €541! Outbound from Dusseldorf to Male on the 6th of November. Inbound from the Maldives, a tropical holiday destination in Asia back to Germany via Doha, Qatar on the 20th of November 2023.

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