Return flights from Italy to Hainan Island (China) for €422!

Return flights from Amsterdam to Hainan Island (China) for €497!Exploring tropical Hainan Island which belongs to China and is its southernmost province is possible with Cathay Pacific. Top on-board service is guaranteed as this airline belogns to one of few 5-star airlines. (ranked by Skytrax). Also awarded as airline of the year 2014. Travellers in Italy or those that can easily reach Milan or Rome may consider to book return flights from Italy to Sanya. Round trip flights are now starting at €422 including all taxes and fees as well as checked in luggage… You would have to accept longer layover in Hong Kong which gives you a good opportunity to discover this city and refresh before your next flight..



We have managed to find the cheapest flights with Cathay Pacific in travel period between March and June 2016. Plenty of travel options are available. The easiest way to check travel dates is directly with the airline. They are offering one week view so you can easily choose the lowest fare. To book some cheap accommodation you may consider this currently valid promotion code.


Booking samples

Italy – Hainan Island from €434  (directly with Cathay Pacific)

Milan – Hainan Island from €422

Rome – Hainan Island from €431


Booking sample of cheap return flights from Italy to Hainan Island (China) for €422! In this case you would be departing from Milan to Sanya on 26th of February 2016. Your return flight from Asia back to Europe would be on 18th of March 2016.

Return flights from Italy to Hainan Island (China) for €422!


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