Return flights from Europe to amazing Madagascar from €483 or £471!

Return flights from Europe to amazing Madagascar from €529!

Based on a Star Alliance members Ethiopian Airlines or Turkish Airlines you have some budget solution from Europe to Antananarivo to visit amazing Madagascar. Return flights from various European cities are now available already for €483 or £471 incl. all taxes and checked bag. If interested look for flights departing from the UK (London, Manchester, Birmingham). Italy (Milan, Rome), Madrid, Scandinavia (Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki), Dublin or main airports in Germany. If you were looking for a budget solution to this isually very expensive destination is this fairly good option..



If interested in this solution with Ethiopian Airlines you have to look for flights departing to Madagascar in March 2019. With Turkish Airliens you can fly from January to June 2019. Max stay 1 month. Book by end of January. Below you can refer to our booking samples from each of the European origins.


Booking samples

Ethiopian Airlines

London – Antananarivo from £471

Milan – Antananarivo from €483

Madrid – Antananarivo from €487

Dublin – Antananarivo  from €496

Rome – Antananarivo from €497

Oslo – Antananarivo from €555

Frankfurt – Antananarivo from €580

Stockholm – Antananarivo from €590


Outbound: Monday, Wednesday and in some cases also Saturday

Inbound: Tuesday, Thursday and in some cases also Sunday


Turkish Airlines

Manchester – Antananarivo from £478

Birmingham – Antananarivo from £478

Helsinki – Antnanarivo from €570

Germany – Antananarivo from €582


The fastest way to check connection flight between these European cities and your hometown is through Skyscanner. This is an interesting solution to most of travellers within Europe looking for reasonable solution to this exotic destination. Need an affordable accommodation in Madagascar you can use this 10% promotion code with


Booking sample of return flights from Europe to amazing Madagascar from €483! As per our booking sample you would fly from Madrid to Antananarivo on 9th of March. Your return flight from this exotic holiday destination back to Spain would be then on 23rd of March 2019.

Return flights from Europe to amazing Madagascar from €483 or £471!

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