Return flights from Europe to Dzaoudzi, Mayotte from €485 or £503! (Aug 20 to Apr 21)

Return flights from Europe to Dzaoudzi, Mayotte from €483!Thanks to the promotional sale of Qatar Airways and Kenya Airways we have some great solutions for travelers looking for some unique destination off the beaten path. Based on their joint service (except deal from Paris which is based on SkyTeam airlines only) you can visit Mayotte, French overseas territory and part of EU, from €485 or £503! (Also one of the least visited destinations in the world). The cheapest flights to Dzaoudzi are available from Main airports in the UK, Dublin. Prague, Brussels. Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Oslo, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona. Switzerland, Italy, Zagreb, Sofia or Vienna. This is including all taxes and fees and hold bag. Dry season in Mayotte is from April to November and we recommend to plan your trip in these months. Note that this Qatar Airways promotion requires long layover on your outbound flight you would have to accept if you want to book the cheapest flights available..



Deal is available when traveling from August 2020 to April 2021. Blackout period over Christmas Holidays. You can compare all available travel options directly with Kenya Airways or Qatar Airways. Max stay for 2 months. Discount is available till the 31st of August or until the cheapest flights last during this latest Qatar Airways promotion…


Booking samples

Cardiff – Dzaoudzi from £503

Manchester – Dzaoudzi from £525

London – Dzaoudzi from £543

Prague – Dzaoudzi from €485

Helsinki – Dzaoudzi from €514

Sofia – Dzaoudzi from €529

Vienna – Dzaoudzi from €548

Copenhagen – Dzaoudzi from €552

Lisbon – Dzaoudzi from €575

Brussels – Dzaoudzi from €577  (16.2. – 1.3.)

Frankfurt – Dzaoudzi from €580

Munich – Dzaoudzi from €582

Paris – Dzaoudzi from €590  (KQ)

Zagreb – Dzaoudzi from €615

Switzerland – Dzaoudzi from €624

Madrid / Barcelona – Dzaoudzi from €649

Oslo – Dzaoudzi from €653

Italy – Dzaoudzi from €667

Dublin – Dzaoudzi from €685


Booking sample of cheap return flights from Europe to Dzaoudzi, Mayotte from €485! Your outbound date from Prague to Dzaoudzi would be on the 21st of February. You would return from this extremely remote and exotic destination in Africa back to Europe on the 5th of March 2021.

Return flights from Europe to Dzaoudzi, Mayotte from €485 or £503!

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