Return flights from Europe to exotic Zanzibar from €370!

Return flights from Europe to exotic Zanzibar from €419!Amazing Zanzibar, isle of spices, offering one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa is possible to visit based on several airlines..Currently the cheapest option to Zanzibar are return flights based on Oman Air when departing from Italy. (€370 and up). Another intersting option with this carrier are round trip flights from London already for £404 or direct charger flights from Brussels for €400 + booking fee. In this case this is based on service of Jetairfly.



Oman Air offer the lowest fare possible please in travel dates between end of August, in September and October 2016. (latest date of your outbound flights to Tanzania). As usually we recommend to check your connection possibilities from your hometown using Skyscanner. Deal with Jetairfly is available throughout whole winter season 2016/2017. Below you may refer to booking sample from ech of the origin cities.


Booking sample

Milan – Zanzibar from €370

London – Zanzibar from £404  or charter flight London – Zanzibar from £325

Brussels – Zanzibar for €359


Althought Zanzibar is a drem exotic destination you can still find some affordable accomodation through booking servers such as or Hotelopia. Or if you prefer to get your accomodation upon arrival you can still flind plenty of options starting already and $20 for double-room. Best time to visit Zanzibar is considered between June till October. This is still out ouf main tourist season however the weather is dry with cooler temperatures.


Booking sample of cheap return flights from Europe to exotic Zanzibar from €370! In this case you would be flying from Milan to Zanzibar on 20th of September 2016. You would be returning back from this exotic African isle to Europe on 3rd of October 2016.

Return flights from Europe to exotic Zanzibar from €370!



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