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Aug 31

Return flights from France to Vancouver from €299/£225!

Return flights from France to Vancouver from €299/£225!

Based on service of British Airways you may consider to book very cheap return flights from France to Vancouver from €299/£225. Look for flights departing from various main airports in France such as Paris, Marseille or Lyon to Vancouver. As this is possible error fare please do not book the airline nor booking agent. Also we recommend to wait with booking your connection flight and accommodation before you receive formal booking confirmation. This might be fixed any time soon so hurry up if this is a deal of your interest..




The cheapest flights from France to Vancouver are available during October 2015 and May 2016. Flights with British Airways are routed via London. This gives an option to end your journey there when returning from Canada. However we recommend this only when travelling without checked in luggage. Please also remember that you can not skip first leg of your outbound flight between Paris and London otherwise rest of your itinerary would be cancelled. Below you may refer to the booking samples.


Booking samples

France – Vancouver from €310/£225  (Directly with BA, travel sample 9.-23.1.2016 from Paris)

France – Vancouver from €299


Travel dates are the easiest to check directly with British Airways as they offer week view. To check your connection possibilities we recommend to use service of Skyscanner.


Discounted Accommodation

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Booking sample of a cheap return flights from France to Vancouver from €299/£225! In this case the departing from Paris to Vancouver on 19th of Januarya 2015 and you would return from Canada back to Europe on 2nd of February2016.

Return flights from France to Vancouver from €299/£225!