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Jan 10

Return flights from Germany to exotic Andaman Islands €520!

Return flights from Germany to exotic Andaman Islands €485!Looking for some exotic holidays and have not yet decided to where to go nex main tourist season 2015/2016? If not We have found great deal for you! Based on premium Etihad Airways and their partner Jet Airways you may consider to book return flights from main airports in Germany to exotic Andaman Islands. Round trip tickets are now starting already at €520! Considering the flights are available in peak season this is a great solution not just for travellers in Germany.. Look for flights from cities such as Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf.



Major part of exotic Andaman Islands officialy belongs to India while minor part to Myanmar and its true paradise on Earth thanks to massive tourism has not discovered them yet. Have the opportunity to book cheap flights to Andaman Islands and experience its bone-white beaches and the unspoilt coral reefs for some good snorkelling and diving!


In some cases you would have to accept longer layover in India. Take the advantage and discover anotehr city during your trip..If interested in this Etihad Airways promotional offer please look for limited flights in travel period till March 2016. Most of cheapest flights to Andaman Islands are available between January and June 2016 . Max stay 1 month. Valid for bookings made till 2nd of February 2016.


Booking samples

Stuttgart – Andaman Islands from €520

Munich – Andaman Islands from €528

Frankfurt – Andaman Islands from €547

Dusseldorf – Andaman Islands from €538


UK – Andaman Islands from £434


Travel dates. Vary by each origin. The quickest way to check the lowest fare available is using Ebookers. They allow +- 3 days search then you may compare which booking agent offers the cheapest solution…


Booking sample of cheap return flights from Germany to exotic Andaman Islands €520! In this case you would be departing from Stuttgart to Port Blair on 28th of February 2016. Your return flight from this exotic paradise in Asia back to Europe would be on 14th of March 2016.

Return flights from Germany to exotic Andaman Islands €520!