Return flights from London to Christmas Island for £682! (+ Australia)

Return flights from London to Christmas Island for £682! (+ Australia)If you are looking for a possible journey of your lifetime (but also definitely not cheap one) you may consider our new deal to remote Christmas Island in Indian ocean famous for its annual red crab migration. (November-December). Return flights from London are now available already for £682 (€896). On top of that you would enjoy the luxury of one of few 5* carriers Singapore Airlines (by Skytrax). Flights are operated via Australia (stop-over is possible without additional costs). – considering that return flights from Perth to Christmas Island are available for over €700 this is an extremly attractive solution to this remote place…



Christmas Island belongs to Australia but in fact is much closer to Indonesia. Very limited travel options are available mainly from Perth. Before you book your ticket we recommend to also check your accommodation possibilities as they are very limited. We have managed to find liminted travel options in October, November and beginning of December 2016. 


Accommodation.: Hotel rooms are starting at approx £70 per double room and night. Very limited options though..


Booking sample

London – Christmas Island for £682

London – Christmas Island – Australia – London for £688

London – Cocos Keeling Islands for £655


Travel date samples

16. – 29.10.

23.10. – 5.12.

6. – 19.11.

20.11. – 3.12.


Since there are plenty of options how to reach London for very low fare this is an interesting option for many travelers within Europe. We recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly find out which airlines are available from your hometown.


Booking sample of cheap flights from London to Christmas Island for £682 below. In this case you would be departing from London to The Settlement on 23rd of October 2016 and returning from Christmas Island back to UK on 5th of November 2016.

Return flights from London to Christmas Island for £682! (+ Australia)


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