Return flights from Paris to Sulawesi, Indonesia from €437!

Return flights from Paris to Sulawesi, Indonesia from €437!With our solution based on top ranked Singapore Airlines you can visit beautiful Sulawesi, less visited of Indonesian main islands. Round trip flights from Paris to Manado on this 5-star carrier are available already for €437. Fare is including all taxes and checked bag. With this solution you would have an opportunity to visit Singapore on your way as there is long layover in this city on your outbound flight you would have to accept. You can also book a multi-stop in Singapore and spend few days in this city for additional €70..



If you want to fly with Singapore Airlines to Manado, Sulawesi, you have to look for limited travel dates in November 2017 then 11th of January to first half of March 2018. As it is not the most recommended time of a year to visit this part of Indonesia. you better check in advance what is the weather like before you book this deal. Below you can find our booking as well as few travel date samples.  Planning this trip you will surely need an accommodation in Sulawesi. You can compare hotel rooms in Manado through or


Booking sample

Paris – Manado from €437  (Choose Skyscanner FR)

Paris – South East Asia from €415


Travel samples

13. – 29.11.

20.11. – 6.12.

25.11. – 8.12.

11. – 26.1.

15.1. – 5.2.

20.1. – 9.2.

10. – 23.2.

13. – 28.2.

22.2. – 9.3.

3. – 14.3.

10. – 23.3.


Booking sample of cheap Return flights from Paris to Sulawesi, Indonesia from €437! In this case you would depart from France to Manado on 10th of February. Your return flight from this tropical Indonesian island in Asia would be on 23rd of February 2018.

Return flights from Paris to Sulawesi, Indonesia from €437!

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