Return flights from the UK or Dublin to Nairobi, Keyna £297 or €322!

Return flights from the UK or Dublin to Nairobi, Keyna £297 or €322!Planning to visit Africa this winter season consider this released sale of Turkish Airlines, awarded as best European airlines from 2011 to 2016. Kenya is a great choice if you have not been to Africa yet as it is fairly developed and safe country. (In general you should avoid area close to borders with Somalia). Cheap flights to Nairobi, capital city of this African coutry, are currently available already for £297 or €322. This is including all taxes and fees as well as checked bag. Look for flights from Dublin or main airports in the United Kingdom. (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh). Also adding competitive solution from main airports in Italy..



If interested please look for return flights to Nairobi in travel period till 10th of December 2017 then 1st of January to 20th of March or 10th of April to 30th of June 2018. (based on date of your outbound flight to Kenya). Max stay 4 months. Promotion with this Star Alliance carrier is running till 1st of October. At this moment you will find plenty of opportunities during said travel period. Please find booking as well as travel date samples between London and Nairobi below.


Want to book your hotel in Nairobi in advance we recommend service of In some cases you may book your flight with longer layover in Istanbul giving you an opportunity to visit this interesting city. In such case you can also benefit trom free hotel during layover. Another solution from Euope to Kenya are deals based on British Airways. To check your connection possibilities we recommend to use service of Skyscanner. This tool gives you quickly an idea which airlines are available from your home town.


Booking samples

Dublin – Nairobi from €322

Italy – Nairobi from €374


London – Nairobi for £297

Manchester – Nairobi for £311

Birmingham – Nairobi for £316

Edinburgh – Nairobi for £342


See also

UK – Oman / UAE from £202

UK – Cameroon from £333

UK – Madagascar from £442


Booking sample of cheap return flights from the UK or Dublin to Nairobi, Keyna £297 or €322! In this case you would be departing from London to Nairobi on Sunday, 28th of January. Your return flight from Africa back to the United Kingdom would be on Saturday, 10th of February 2018. Want to visit Kenya right in the middle of upcoming peak season this is an excellent opportunity..In some cases there is longer layover in Istanbul on your way. Turkish Airlinds are supposed to offer free hotel during layover or free sightseeing tour. More details here.

Return flights from the UK or Dublin to Nairobi, Keyna £297 or €322!

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