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Jan 09

Roundtrip flights to Papua New Guinea from Europe from €881!

Roundtrip flights to Papua New Guinea from Europe from €881!Experienced travellers that are looking for new challenges may consider current promotional offer of Qatar Airways. Papua New Guinea offers virgin rainforest, unexplored mountain terrain, a fascinating history and world-class diving. However, flights to this destination (even within other Asian cities) are extremly expensive and standardly you would pay usually €1200 and more ex main European airports. Right now you may book roundtrip flights from Europe to Port Moresby, capital of Papua New Guinea from €881. 


Papua New Guinea is a land of thriving tribal cultures, smouldering volcanoes and vast swathes of pristine mountainous rainforest. Papua New Guinea is one of the world’s last great frontiers and remains largely untouched by mass tourism. If you are looking for a challenge you may try Kokoda Trail – 96km hike through the teritorry of Pacific War of World War II between Australian and Japanese armies.


When booking the cheapest solution there is longer stop over in Manila on your way to Papua New Guinea. This is also great chance to discover other city on your way and refresh after long flight from Europe. For slightly higher fare you may change your routing via Singapore or Hong Kong with just short layover. In case of booking you can find the cheapest flights in travel period between February and June and September till November 2015.


Routing – look for return flights departing ex Brussels, Germany (Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid), Oslo, Stockholm, Paris, Copenhagen, Vienna,  etc.


Booking is available directly with Qatar Airways.


Travel date samples

10. – 24.3.

9. – 21.4.

6. – 26.5.

20.5. – 10.6.

9. – 30.9.

7. – 28.10.

9. – 23.11.


There are plenty of low-cost airlines connecting these airports with rest of Europe. The easiest way we recommend is to check your connection possibilities is through Skyscanner. . We have managed to find the cheapest flights to Papua New Guinea throughout the whole validity of the tariff with Qatar Airways.   


Booking sample of an open jaw flights from Europe to Papua New Guinea for €881 (NOK 8033) below. In this case you would be leaving Oslo on 10th of March and returning back from Port Moresby to Europe on 26th of March 2015.

Roundtrip flights to Papua New Guinea from Europe from €881!