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Royal Jordanian: Open-jaw flights to Bangkok from £277 (€309)!

Royal Jordanian: Open-jaw flights to Bangkok from £277 (€309)!Adventurers will consider this solution to Thailand in main tourist season with a possibility to visit Greece and/or the UK on their way. Open-jaw tickets on route Athens to Bangkok returning to London are available from £277 (€309)! Also adding one more option with return to Amsterdam from €368..If you are looking for reasonable solution for flights to Bangkok also during European winter and you are fan of an open-jaw flights this could be an interesting solution.



Royal Jordanian allows to book these promo open jaw flights from 14th of September to beginning of December 2017 then January to March 2018. (Based on date of your outbound flight to Thailand). We have managed to find the cheapest flights when departing in November, January, February or March. There is as usually a blackout period during Christmas Holidays. Flights have one layover in Amman on both outbound and return flights to/from Asia.


To book connectionh flight we recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly find out which airlines are available from your hometown. Ryanair is connecting London Stansted and Athens (or with Easijet from London Gatwick) so you should have no problem to find low priced one-way tickets. (At this moment available already for £26)


Booking samples

Athens – Bangkok – London from £277 (€309)

Athens – Bangkok – Amsterdam from €368


Travel date samples

14. – 28.9.

10. – 20.11.

17.11. – 1.12.

30.11. – 15.12.

8. – 22.12.

10. – 26.1.

19.1. – 2.2.

21.1. – 4.2.

9. – 23.2.

16.2. – 4.3.

18.2. – 5.3.

4. – 18.3.

9. – 24.3.


There are more travel day options of your return flight however your outbound flight to Bangkok has to be on Thursday, Friday or Sunday. Need to book your hotel room in Bangkok we recommend or Double rooms in Bangkok are available already for €6/£4 per night!


Booking sample of latest promotion with Oneworld airline Royal Jordanian: Open-jaw flights to Bangkok from £277 (€309)!. In this case you would be flying from Athens to Bangkok on 19th of January. Your return flights from Asia back to London, United Kingdom would be then on Friday, 2nd of February 2018.

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