RTW – Japan, Philippines and California from Europe from £556/€675!!

Tips for cheap multi city flights round the world best travel deals 2014*see UPDATE below* Thanks to an incredible RTW (Round The World) journey that is currently possible to book you have great opportunity to visit Asian countries Japan and Philippines as well as sunny California! Based on the combination of flights with Alitalia (and their partner Air France) and Philippines Airlines you may visit all of the countries during your RTW trip from just £556 (roughly €675)! On your way you may also visit historical European cities Prague and (thanks to longer layover) also Rome and possibly Paris...



*UPADTE* – These RTW tickets are still bookable for a bit higher fare but still an awesome price! The routing remains the same except that your departure city ex Europe has to be either Budapest or Venice. Your first ticket with Alitalia has to be booked back to Tel Aviv or Cairo however you may skip last leg(s) and stop your journey either in Paris or Rome when arriving from US. Together with the offer of Philippines Airlines you may travel around the globe from just £627 / € 767)! The cheapest flights are possible to find in limited availability between October 2014 and March 2015. If interested you may check out your connection possibilities from your homecity via Skyscanner.


Budapest – Tokyo and Los Angeles to Tel Aviv for £273 (€334)

Venice – Osaka and Los Angeles to Tel Aviv for £284 (€347)


Osaka/Tokyo to Manila and Manila to Los Angeles for £354 (€433)



Your trip begins in Prague which is connected with other European cities by many low-cost airlines such as EasyJet or Ryanair. The quickest way to check your connection possibilities are through Skyscanner.

You would be then flying to Tokyo through Rome (with 20h layover giving you great possibility to visit this amazing city). From Japan you can either decide to fly again from Tokyo or for a bit cheaper fare also from Fukuoka to Manila, capital of Philippines. Your next connection from Manila to Los Angeles is a non-stop flight based on service of Philippines Airlines. Your final flight from Los Angeles has to be booked up to Cairo. However, as there are two stops in Europe (Paris and Rome) you may end your journey in one of the cities. (as long as you travel with hand luggage or you give serious reason to the airline such as sickness). Of course you may complete your trip and explore Cairo and its surrounding area in Egypt..


How to book

the cheapest flights are possible to find in limited availability between October 2014 and March 2015. The travel dates with Alitalia/Air France are quite strict but you can be very flexible once you are in Asia, Philippines Airlines offers the fares between Japan, Manila and Los Angeles for similar fare almost anyday. Booking is possible till 30th of April 2014.


Booking sample of a RTW trip below:

Prague – Tokyo and Los Angeles to Cairo (via Paris and Rome) for £210 (€255)

Fukuoka – Manila – Los Angeles for £346 (€420)



Booking of these round the world tickets is still possible when departing from Budapest or Venice:

Tips for cheap round the world flights Japan Philippines Los Angeles USA

Booking samples of a RTW journey for just Ł556 (€675) below. In this case you have to book two separated flights.

First one, operated by Alitalia and Air France, is from Prague to Tokyo and from Los Angeles to Cairo (Paris, Rome). In this case you would be leaving from Prague to Japan on 7th of February and returning from Los Angeles back to Europe on 6th of March 2015.

Your second flight based on service of Philippines Airlines would be departing from Japan (you can choose Fukuoka or Tokyo) to Manila on 15th of February. in this case you would be staying in Philippines for about 12 days and then flying from Manila to Los Angeles on 27th of February 2015.


Tips for cheap multi city flights round the world best travel deals 2014


Tips for cheap flights round the world 346 best travel deals 2014

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