Cheap return & open-jaw flights from Athens to Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth) from €517!

Super cheap return & open-jaw flights from Athens to Australia (Melbourne, Sydney) just for €369!


Low-cost cost travelers that can easily reach Athens do have some great opportunities how to get to Australia for a low €517 with a low-cost long-haul airline Scoot and one layover in Singapore on the way. You can book return or open-jaw tickets (which is a perfect way how to visit more interesting places on the way) either to Melbourne, Perth or Sydney. There is no checked-in luggage nor in-flight meals included in the base fare, consider this when you are looking for the cheapest option available and you are near Athens… the good thing about this offer is that you can book very cheap one-way tickets too. (With the standard airlines you have to usually pay for the one-way ticket almost the same price as for a roundtrip).


Flying from: Athens

Flying to: Melbourne, Sydney, Perth

Airline(s): Scoot

Luggage: handbag

Outbound travel dates: September and October 2023

Max stay: 12 months

Book by: Unknown


Booking samples  

Athens to Melbourne for €517

Athens to Perth for €523

Athens to Sydney for €534

Athens to Melbourne returning from Perth for €540


Booking sample of cheap low-cost return flights from Greece to Australia for €517! As per the above booking sample, you would fly from Athens to Melbourne on the 8th of October returning from Melbourne, Australia back to Europe via Singapore on the 21st of October 2023.

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