Fly to South East Asia from Europe with 5* Singapore Airways from €395! 30kg baggage!

Fly to South East Asia from Europe with 5* Singapore Airways from €395!Flight options to some cities in South East Asia are now available with one of the most respected carriers, Singapore Airlines. The five-star airline has flights to Singapore available from only €461 for a non-stop service! Cheaper fare are also possible to Kuala Lumpur also (€395) with a layover at the extraordinary Singapore Changi airport. You can fly from across Europe with origin airports such as Copenhagen, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Stockholm, and Oslo. Flights with this airline have checked baggage included as standard in the fare. You can take 30kg of luggage with you on your journey to Asia. All prices are for a roundtrip including taxes, meals, hand luggage and 30kg checked luggage.

If you’re interested in this deal you will find the cheapest flights departing between 5th March and 10th June, 15th August to 10th October, or from 18th October to 10th December. Maximum stay of 2 months. This fare is for a return ticket including all charges and taxes as well as checked luggage up to 30kg.

The marked expiry date for this deal is the 18th of March, or until sold out. You can then book this deal directly with Singapore Airlines. The lowest prices around might be with a travel agency so be sure to check in with your preferred agents!


Booking sample

Cheap flights from Europe to South East Asia from €428 (When booking with the airline)

Non-stop flights to Singapore:

Copenhagen to Singapore for €461

Rome to Singapore for €481

Amsterdam to Singapore for €491

Barcelona to Singapore for €493

Stockholm to Singapore from €396 (direct)

Oslo to Singapore for €468 (indirect)

Other flights may be possible for cheaper prices with SkyTeam airlines (Air France/KLM) but do not offer a direct non-stop route. Consider these if you are looking for the lowest price possible.


Flights to Kuala Lumpur:

Copenhagen to Kuala Lumpur for €395

Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur for €453

Oslo to Kuala Lumpur for €454

Barcelona to Kuala Lumpur for €459

Stockholm to Kuala Lumpur for €493

Rome to Kuala Lumpur for €541


These dates are only examples! Make use of the calendar options on flight booking sites to see the best date pairings and input these to your online travel agent to get the lowest rates.


 Booking sample of cheap flights from Europe to South East Asia for €395! As per our booking your outbound flight from Copenhagen to Kuala Lumpur would be on the 17th of May returning on the 2nd of June 2020.

Fly to South East Asia from Europe with 5* Singapore Airways from €395!

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