Spain / Italy to Kenya with British Airways from €334!

Spain / Italy to Kenya with British Airways from €316!

Continuously discounted flights between Spain or Italy and Kenya are available with British Airways. Round trip flights from various main airports to Nairobi are now starting at just €334. In some cases you may find flights with airport change in London on your return flight giving you great opportunity to end you trip in UK. (As usually just remember you can not skip first leg of your outbound flight). If interested in this BA solution look for flights departing from Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Malaga or Seville. From Italy you can fly from Venice, Milan, Rome, Pisa, Bologna, Naples and probably more..Also adding some good options from Switzerland or Germany..



This British Airways sale is working in travel period from 8th of September till 30th of November 2017 or 8th of January till 16th of March 2018. Book before 6th of June. Flights require long layover in London on your outbound flight you would have to accept. Below you can find booking sample from each origin.


Booking samples

Spain – Kenya from €352  (Directly with Iberia also compare travel dates there

Spain – Kenya from €334


Italy – Kenya from €372  (Directly with British Airways)

Italy – Kenya from €351


Switzerland – Kenya from €360

Germany – Kenya from €404


Travel dates. You can check here (Except deal from Spain, see note above) then compare via Skyscanner to find the lowest fare available. The chepest flights seems to be from Monday to Thursday and a bit more expensive in first half of 2017. Since there are plenty of options how to reach these European cities for very low fare this is an interesting option for many travelers within Europe. We recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly find out which airlines are available from your hometown. To book cheap accommodation in Africa you may consider Or you can further discount your hotel room when booking through, Amoma or


Booking sample of a cheap return flights from Spain / Italy to Kenya with British Airways from €334 below. In this case you would be departing from Barcelona to Nairobi on 14th of January and returning from Africa back to Europe on 29th of January 2018. In this case you would have to change an airports in London on your return flight. This is excellent option for travellers in the United Kingdom. (Still you can not skip first leg of your outbound flight). Most of the travelers in Spain will probably choose another option without airports change now available for just €338..

Spain / Italy to Kenya with British Airways from €334!

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