Big list of cheap Star Alliance flights from Spain to cities in North America from €253!

Big list of cheap Star Alliance flights from Spain to cities in North America from €253!


There are some great Star Alliance fares available from Spain to many destinations in North America! Thanks to Lufthansa, United, or Air Canada you can book the cheapest flights from Spain to North America from €253! If interested in this huge sale please refer to all of our booking samples below, There are surely more routes so it is worth giving it a try if we did not list the destination in the USA, Canada or Mexico you are interested in. All the below deals are for a roundtrip ticket. All airport taxes, onboard meals, and handbags are included in the base fare too.


Flying From: Madrid, Barcelona

Flying To: Mexico City, Chicago, New York, Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Atlanta, Seattle, Salt Lake City Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Detroit, Key West, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Boise, Bozeman, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg

Airlines: Lufthansa, United, Air Canada

Luggage: Hand luggage only

Outbound travel dates: From late November 2023 to the first half of March 2024  (excl. Christmas)

Max stay: 3 months

Book by: 30th of November


Booking Samples

Spain to Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands from €363


Spain to Mexico City from €382


Spain to Chicago for €253

Spain to New York for €262 (Non-stop flight)

Spain to Boston for €263

Spain to Washington for €274

Spain to San Francisco for €297

Spain to Philadelphia for €335

Spain to Tampa for €337

Spain to Los Angeles for €340

Spain to Seattle for €342

Spain to Salt Lake City for €345

Spain to Atlanta  for €345

Spain to Phoenix for €347

Spain to Houston for €347

Spain to Denver for €352

Spain to Detroit for €357

Spain to Miami for €358

Spain to Fort Lauderdale for €358

Spain to Austin for €363

Spain to Orlando for €363

Spain to Dallas for €363

Spain to Key West for €391

Spain to Minneapolis for €401

Spain to New Orleans for €401

Spain to Boise for €437

Spain to Bozeman (Yellowstone National Park) for €501


Spain to Montreal for €327  (Non-stop flight)

Spain to Ottawa for €332

Spain to Toronto for €340  (Non-stop flight)

Spain to Vancouver for €370

Spain to Cakgary  for €408

Spain to Edmonton for €408

Spain to Winnipeg for €428


Booking sample of cheap Star Alliance flights from Spain to North America from €253 return! Outbound from Barcelona to Chicago on the 12th of February. Inbound from North America back to Spain on the 26th of February 2024.

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