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May 07

Super cheap flights to India from Amsterdam from Ł242 (€294)!!

Tips for cheap flights to India Bombai Asia best travel airfare deals 2014Joint service of KLM and Jet Airways currently allows to book super cheap flights to India from Netherlands. roundtrip flights are available already for Ł242 or €294!! This is a possible glitch and could be revised/updated any time so you better hurry up with your booking! In case of interest please look for roundtrip flights between Amsterdam and Bombai.



Considering of such a cheap fare this is an interesting deal not just for the travellers within Benelux. The easiest way to check your flight possibilities from your hometown to Amsterdam is via Skyscanner.

There is a short layover in Paris on your way to India. Grab the chance and visit Incredible India out out main tourist season for such an amazing fare! Look for travel quite limited travel options between June and October 2014. We are adding travel date samples below.


Booking sample Amsterdam – Bombai for Ł242 (€294)

Vienna – Mumbai for €331


Travel date samles

5. – 15.6.

12. – 26.6.

26.6. – 6.7.

28.6. – 11.7.

14.7. – 4.8.

21.8. – 3.9.

18.9. – 2.10.

6. – 19.10.


Booking sample of a super cheap flight from Netherlands to India for just Ł242 below. In this case you would be leaving from Amsterdam to Mumbai on 5th of June 2014 and returning back from India on 21st of June 2014

tips for cheap flights to India Bombai Asia best travel deals 2014