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Super cheap open jaw flighs to Argentina from €240!

Super cheap open jaw flighs to Argentina from €240!Similar to this deal to Brazil with Turkish Airlines you may also consider to book super cheap open jaw flights to Argentina. Again you have to look for flights departing from Italy (Milan, Rome, Venice) to Buenos Aires with return back to Baltic countries (Tallin or Vilnius). Round trip tickets are available already for €240 / £199. Again as those are most likely error fare flights do not delay with booking. Also we strongly recommend to not book your accommodation nor connection flight. There is still possibility the flights will be not honoured. Just wait few days once you receive formal booking confirmation..



Again limited travel options are available between April and June 2016. Please refer to below booking and travel date samples if interested in this deal..


Booking sample 

Italy – Argentina – Tallin / Vilnius from €240 / £199

Europe to Brazil from €195

Europe to California (San Francisco) from €166


Travel date samples

7. – 20.4.

27.4. – 13.5.

2. – 18.5.

9. – 23.5.

12. – 27.6.


We recommend to check your connection possibilities through service of Skyscanner. This tool gives you quickly a rough idea which low-cost airlines are connecting your home town. To book your accommodation in South America you may use or consider following promo codes offred by,  Hotelopia or Venere.


Booking sample of error fare flight deal from Europe to Argentina for just €240 / £199 below. In this case you would fly from Milan to Buenos Aires on 9th of May. You would return from South America back to Vilnius on 23rd of May 2016.


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