Super cheap return flights to Brazil from Europe from €348!

Super cheap return flights to Brazil from Europe from €354!*see UPDATE below* Alitalia is offering great solution for flights to Brazil. If you are looking for a cheap flights to South America this is great offer for majority of European travellers heading to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. Return flights from Europe already for €354 or £280! The cheapest flights are available when departing from Budapest, Copenhagen, UK, Germany, Benelux (Amsterdam or Brussels) etc. If you are looking for the cheapest solution to South America this is great solution. Please treat this offer as possible error fare flights meaning to not call airline nor booking agent.. 



*UPDATE* – This fare is again available when looking for return flights to Sao Paulo from various European countries! The cheapest return flights to Brazil from Europe are now available from €348!!


This possible error fare deal with Alitalia is available in travel period till 30th of June 2015.Max stay in Brazil 1 month. All these European cities are easy to reach either by bus or low cost airlines. To check your connection possibilities from your home town directly you may check through Skyscanner. Cheap accommodation in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo is possible to compare and book here.


Booking samples

Copenhagen – Brazil (Sao Paulo) for €348

Budapest – Brazil (Sao Paulo) from €354

Germany – Brazil (Sao Paulo) from €378


London – Sao Paulo for £299

London – Brazil from £293

Brussels – Brazil from €391


Amsterdam- Brazil from €390

Switzerland – Brazil from €390

Spain – Brazil from €396


Travel dates to Brazil are the easiest to check via Ebookers here using +- 3 days searching too.


Booking sample of cheap return flights from Europe to Brazil for €348. In this case you would be flying from Copenhagen to Sao Paulo on 6th of May and returning from Brazil back to Europe on 20th of May 2015.

Super cheap return flights to Brazil from Europe from €348!

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